Lab Services

Others may charge $400 or more for initial lab tests but at C4MH, it’s just $45 with the worlds leading diagnostic testing provider.

The physicians at the Center for Men’s Health operate under a level of care which dictates that
Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) be only initiated after proper laboratory tests
are completed. Unlike many other physicians who profit immensely by charging inflated and
outrages lab rates, C4MH chose not to gouge you. The lab tests performed by C4MH assist the
the physician in determining your treatment and set baselines to monitor progress / changes
as TRT treatment proceeds. C4MH goes the extra mile in our initial testing as we test for a
specific hormone level to rule out a potentially serious but rare condition that can be the
cause of Low T.

C4MH will continue testing throughout your treatment.

C4MH has contracted with Quest Diagnostics for all laboratory services.
Quest is the world's leading provider of diagnostic testing services, information and services.

Lab Locations:

Remember you must first have labs orders issued by C4MH before going to Quest.

Quest has over 50 convenient locations in Southwest Florida guaranteeing that one is close by.

Click here to find a Quest Lab near you

Use the online Express Treatment Plan (ETP) to quickly register, get lab work orders and a one on one consultation/exam with a C4MH physician at the location of your choice…….ALL FOR JUST $45 !